River Song’s Journal

Posted: 07/22/2010 in Art, Doctor Who, TV

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I love River Song from Doctor Who and yet you don’t really know anything about her. As soon as I saw her TARDIS inspired notebook, I knew I wanted it. To my surprise, it’s not for sale anywhere nor are there directions on how to make one! So I gave it a shot. I figured now is a good time considering the last episode ended like she was going to be blown up. But there’s still part 2 of the finale left.

I realize that my process is very long and I’m sure there’s better ways but, I always do things more complicated then they should be.

1) Measurements: I just used a small journal I had. River’s journal has grooves in it, so I measured out where it raises up. (pictured above)

2) Raised Layer: I glued 5 pages of construction pages together. Then I cut out the different sections in the construction paper according to the measurements. Then I glued them to the book. (pictured above)

3) Tape Layer: I covered the journal in tape and used the end of a small paint brush to push down the tape into the lowered grooves.

4) Paint: I’m not sure how many layers of paint I used, it was a lot. I used deep blue craft smart paint (which I have nicknamed TARDIS blue 😛 ). I used watered down black paint for the grooves.

5) Mod Podge (optional): I did a layer of matte Mod Podge over the book just to protect it a bit.

6) Inside (optional): I didn’t like the nasty brown paper inside the journal, so I covered it with a star pattern (which you can kinda see in the side picture).

Good Luck Whovians!

  1. ryujin713 says:

    I have been looking for a way to make River’s journal forever! I will definitely be using this. Thanks!

  2. Jane Ricciardi says:

    You did such a beautiful job, ryujin713! Thank you for supplying such detailed instructions and photos! Wish me luck as I make myself one. Geronimo!

  3. Chloe says:

    Wow this is amazing. What kind of tape did you use though? I just think that the right tape would really make the ridges and texture look natural like yours, unlike a lot of other replicas I’ve seen on the net.

    • bethgorman says:

      i think i used standard satin scotch gift wrapping tape…if you see it in person, you can see the little edges, but it was easier to create the grooves

  4. what exactly were the measurements? i would like to make it for my sister for christmas

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